Case Studies

The Buttercross




Rushcliffe Borough Council

Contract Duration:

6 Weeks



Date of Completion:

June 2023

The Buttercross was erected in 1861 as a memorial of John Hassall, land agent for the Earl of Chesterfield. He commended himself to the people of Bingham by his charity and concern for their welfare. For years after his death, the community would decorate 8 pillars of the Buttercross in garlands of primroses to commemorate him. We were assigned the works to repair and refurbish the Buttercross structure in the centre of Bingham. These works comprised of  slating the roof covering after repairing the roof structure and sarking boards, then to undertake masonry repairs to the stonework, columns, dais and steps. Following completion, the works to the reformed Buttercross were recognised and celebrated within the local newspapers and David Cullington (who carried out the tiling works) was credited through social media platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn for his craftsmanship on this project.