Case Studies

Northampton Guildhall




Stimpson Walton Bond

Contract Duration:

June 2021 - May 2022



Date of Completion:

May 2022

The current building, which is the third Guildhall, designed by Edward William Godwin in the Gothic Revival style, was officially opened on 17 May 1864. The original part of the building was symmetrical with three first-floor windows either side of the main entrance. The building was extended to the west to the designs of A W Jeffrey and Matthew Holding in 1892, creating a frontage of 14 bays with arcading on the ground floor and windows above on the first floor. The sculptor R.L. Bolton was commissioned to design 14 statues of monarchs and other famous people which were erected on the front elevation between the windows on the first floor A modern extension to the east, built to accommodate the expanding office needs of Northampton Borough Council, was completed in 1992. C.E.L Group (1989) Ltd were appointed as the Main contractor to undertake major refurbishment of the Guildhall roofs. The schedule of works consisted of timber repairs, new sand cast lead replacement, historic glass conservation, a major overhaul of various subsections to the roof such as the application of Welsh slate, rainwater goods and minor stonework repairs in areas with a new fire escape access. Overall the atriums internally and externally were painting and decorated with leaded light work. What was special regarding this project was having the experience to work alongside the architect to undertake the instant change of design in so many areas, knowing that, the procurement side of the company dealt with all changes instantly. Coordination had to be the key, by working alongside the Architect and Council staff. Public relations had also became a major factor.  

It has been very frustrating with the unknowns that was found, but thanks to CEL 89 they have come through and carried out a fantastic job.