Case Studies

Salvation Army


Bury St Edmunds


The Salvation Army Property

Contract Duration:

20 Weeks



Date of Completion:

September 2023

The Salvation Army Hall on St Johns Street is currently used as a Christian church. The contracted works involved the paint removal from the front facade and repairs to the boundary walls. Due to the nature of undertaking the specialist facade paint removal, we needed to ascertain the existing condition of the brickwork to determine the best method to undertake these works. We therefore undertook two sample areas utilising DOFF and TORC methods. Following the sample process, we identified the existing brick condition as extremely brittle. We determined that TORC was the best method to proceed with to mitigate unnecessary damage to the existing brick fabric. Once undertaken it became apparent the existing brick mortar joints required extensive repairs, it was then agreed with the client that a complete removal and repoint of the entire front facade was required to protect the building fabric from deteriorating further in the future.