Case Studies

Peterborough Town Hall




Aragon Direct Services

Contract Duration:

16 Weeks



Date of Completion:

August 2023

Peterborough Town Hall is in the middle of Bridge Street, Peterborough. It is a locally listed building and currently the Cambridgeshire NHS Foundation Trust utilise the building for their operations. We were appointed to carry out all guttering works including; the removal of all the vegetation and debris to clear the gutters, cut out and replace asphalt gutters to the first floor, cut out and replace metal box gutters to the second floor, asphalt decks to the flag pole bays, and works to the pipework passing through all the masonry on the first and second floors. Due to its city centre location, extensive planning and preparation was required logistically. Scaffolding required a considered design, due to continuous customer traffic along a busy high street, we had to ensure that the scaffold design was hoarded and safe to the public and did not impact on the shop tenants businesses.